Drive for an Industry Leader!

We don’t just say we are an industry leader, we prove it!  From driver friendly freight to dedicated lanes, we have it all!  Want to be home nightly and live in the Port Canaveral area?  Look no further.  Our freight originates out Port Canaveral, FL consisting of small paper rolls that deliver to various newspaper locations in FL.  This work is consistent and steady.  Driver’s running these lanes are home nightly.  Some of the delivery locations include the following:

– St. Petersburg, FL
– Sarasota, FL
– Tampa, FL
– Lakeland, FL
– Orlando, FL
– Daytona Beach, FL
– Port St. Lucie, FL
– Naples, FL
– Ft. Myers, FL
– Miami, FL
– Deerfield Beach, FL
– Tallahassee, FL

Are you more of a regional driver based in the South East?  Our freight consists of appliances for GE that deliver to various locations in the Southeast.  Headhaul lanes include the following locations:

– LaFayette, GA
– Decatur, AL
– Louisville, KY
– Jacksonville, FL

With DEEP fuel discounts, Accurate Weekly Settlements and SO MUCH MORE…Why would you even consider someone else!